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When you signed up to our website, you agreed to the following terms of service:

  1. User Account is not transferable.

  2. Your email address and/or mobile number will be the way of communication with you.

  3. Login information will be sent to your email address on demand. So, writing valid email address and remembering your email address and related information is your own responsibility.

  4. Purchase return is not allowed, i.e. no fund will be return to you after creating company or extend period or upgrade package.

  5. You will be able to withdraw/refund/return your balance fund, i.e. if you have fund balance, you can withdraw that fund by our accepted payment processor.

  6. You will use valid payment processor for returning your balance fund (if any).

  7. We are liable for present packages program. If you need any customization, you should contact with us for that. We shall try to meetup your requirements.

  8. If you need any accountant or data entry operator, you should submit ticket or contact with us. We shall give you solutations on availability of freelancer.

  9. We shall give you accounting software related services only.

  10. Presently, you will get 30 days transaction period for FREE. After completing FREE-PERIOD you have to extend period within 15 (fifteen) days. If not, your account and company will be deleted (with all databases) from our server .

  11. We have all rights to change price for our services (software, package, upgrade, consultation etc.) without prior notice.

  12. We have all rights to add or change or remove any condition without prior notice.